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Jul 17, 2017

Canadian town votes against Muslim cemetery

Mayor fears vote would tarnish SaintApollinaire’s reputation

Residents of a small town in Canada voted Sunday 19-16 against a project that would have created the first Muslim owned and operated cemetery in the Quebec City region.

Only 49 voters — neighbors of the area where the cemetery would be established in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire — were eligible to participate, and 36 cast their ballots with one rejected, Canadian media reported.

The mayor and council of the town of 6,000 residents endorsed the project May 1.

But a petition against the cemetery was signed by 17 people, enough to necessitate a referendum on the cemetery.

Opponents said Muslims could be buried in sections of existing cemeteries or in a new one that allowed multi-faith burials, with a section for those of the Islamic faith.

But a spokesperson for the organization behind the project, the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec, said it was essential to have ownership of the land.

“When you have land like that you own, families have a plot for eternity,” Mohamed Kesri told the Canadian Press. That way Muslims could be rest assured all Islamic rights and customs were followed, he said.

Mayor Bernard Ouellet said before the vote he thought his town’s reputation would be damaged if the vote went against the cemetery.

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Jul 17, 2017
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