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Aug 11, 2015

CHP-AK Party talks ‘inconclusive’

‘No crisis has emerged during the talks [with AK Party], but no conclusion has been reached either,’ Republican People’s Party (CHP) vice chairman says

Talks between Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Justice and Development (AK) Party to form a coalition have been inconclusive, and the party will make a final decision about it on Thursday, CHP vice chairman says.

Mehmet Bekaroglu made the remarks at the CHP headquarters in Ankara on Tuesday, a day after his party met with the leadership of the Justice and Development (AK) Party to discuss the possibility of forming a coalition government.

About problems in the CHP-AK Party coalition talks, Bekaroglu said: “There is no problem in the process. No crisis has emerged during the talks, but no conclusion has been reached either. However, there are still efforts being made to reach a conclusion.”

He added that CHP leaders would arrive at a final decision over the AK Party-CHP coalition possibility by Thursday.

“The CHP backs the idea of forming a broad-based and long-lasting government that would make serious reforms in the areas of economy, law and constitution,” he said.

After mentioning that Turkey was going through “difficult times”, Bekaroglu said that instead of thinking about the interests of parties, the country needed to form a “big” coalition that would solve the country’s fundamental issues.

AK Party and CHP have ended a series of “exploratory” talks over forming a coalition that began on July 24.

In case the August 23 deadline expires without a government, either President Recep Tayyip Erdogan or the parliament may decide to hold a new election.

If Erdogan issues the decision, the polling is expected in the first Sunday following a 90-day period starting from the end of the first deadline. In the current set of circumstances, this scenario suggests renewed polling in November.

However, if the parliament makes the decision for a new election, then the Supreme Election Board can reduce the 90-day period by as much as half.

The last coalition talks in Turkey were made 16 years ago, when the Democratic Left Party (DSP) of the late premier, Bulent Ecevit, failed to win the majority in general elections on April 18, 1999.

Since 2002, the AK Party has won three general elections to continue a single-party rule for well over a decade, which only ended after the June 7 elections this year produced no majority government.


Aug 11, 2015
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