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Jul 25, 2017

For many Germans, a Turkish coastal resort is home

Germans in Turkey ask their government to resolve differences with Ankara

Alanya, a coastal district of Turkey’s southern Antalya province is home to some 10,000 Germans.

As Berlin and Ankara mow their way through a rough patch in their relations, many Germans settled in the resort town claim they have led a happy life in the country famous for its hospitality.

Petra Erika Kastner, who bought a house in Alanya, says she moved because the climate here is mild, and it has improved her health.

“Turkish hospitality doubled my happiness. Things are not as bad as portrayed in the media,” Kastner said adding she might consider applying for a residence permit.

She expressed her disapproval for the recent travel warning that Germany had issued for its citizens wishing to travel to Turkey.

“I hope both countries work out their relations,” she said.

Kastner’s husband Helmut said he had been to Turkey four times for vacations. “The recent dip in relations between Ankara and Berlin are demoralizing. Politicians should strive for friendship.”

Ursula Greune has been living in Alanya for the last 11 years. “I have lived happily here. I never faced any problem,” she said.

She said that the two countries should resolve their dispute through dialogue. “Exactly like families sit together.”

Armin Kuschmann, a 67-year-old German, who settled in the town last year says he found true love here. “We met one year ago and then I decided to stay here.”

He asked politicians to make peace, and not war. “These rifts can always be solved”.

Last week, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced a major policy change on Turkey, and said Germany would not encourage German businesses to invest in Turkey and also issued new travel warnings for its citizens wishing to visit Turkey.


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Jul 25, 2017
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