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Aug 02, 2017

Turkey’s July exports cross $12B, imports at over $21B

Foreign trade volume increases by 38.97 percent to reach $34.076 billion in July

Turkey’s exports in July tallied $12.6 billion while the imports for the same month reached $21.4 billion, according to Ministry of Customs and Trade’s data bulletin on Wednesday.

Exports in July increased by 28.69 percent and imports saw a 45.84-percent rise compared with the same month last year.

Turkey’s foreign trade volume increased by 38.97 percent and reached $34.076 billion during this period.

The foreign trade deficit increased by 80.41 percent and reached $8.788 billion during July.

In July, Turkey exported $1.215 billion worth of items to Germany; UAE came in second with $1.098 billion and the U.K. was third with $810 million.

Most imports to Turkey were from China, which was worth $2.133 billion. Germany followed with $1.828 billion and Russia was in the third spot with $1.789 billion.


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Aug 02, 2017
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