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Weeklong Turkish food festival begins in Pakistan - Turkse Media - Exclusief Turks nieuws in NederlandWeeklong Turkish food festival begins in Pakistan - Turkse Media

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Posted by Turkse Media
Aug 19, 2017

Weeklong Turkish food festival begins in Pakistan

A weeklong Turkish Food festival began Friday evening in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

The food festival, organized by a local 5-star hotel in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, was inaugurated by Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Sadik Babur Girgin.

“We are celebrating the 70 years of Turkey-Pakistan diplomatic relationship and this food festival is part of that celebration, as Turkey established diplomatic relations with Pakistan soon after its creation,” Girgin told reporters.

He said it was a great honor to bring the original taste and tradition of Turkey to Pakistan.

“Turkish food is very famous in the world and for the first time I tasted it here in Pakistan and found it very delicious,” Khushal Khan, a local businessman, told Anadolu Agency.

A wide variety of soups, mezze and kebabs are featured on the daily menu along with desserts and assortments. Seafood is also featured along with a counter serving made-to-order shawarmas.

Samina Ali, a young woman from Islamabad, said she “really enjoyed not only the Turkish food but also the hospitality”.

“I want to say thank you for offering a chance to taste delicious Turkish food today,” she added.

Turkish musicians Yasin Ozcimi, Tuncay Tuncay, Sertac Tezeren and Onur Akkus added magic to the event, playing mystical music with folk instruments such as the divan saz and cello.


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Aug 19, 2017
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